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Nokia N95 Versus iPhone 3G Apple Finger Tips

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Nokia Touch Screen "iPhone Rivals"?

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone

Compare rival phones Nokia N95 touchscreen mobile phones that connects to a music store with 2 million free tracks to that of Apple iPhone. Nokia n95 vs iphone 3g.

Nokia challenges iPhone with touchscreen and unlimited music downloads by reveal the 5800 XpressMusic phone which Comes with Music service, which will allow 12 months of unlimited music downloads on Pay-As-You-Go phones.

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone #1

The new touchscreen handset, called the 5800 XpressMusic, is a direct response by Nokia - the world's largest mobile phone maker to the threat posed by Apple's iPhone 3G and the new Google G1 hanset, which uses Google's Android platform.

The 5800 xpress music (or 5800 XM) is designed for the pre-pay market and buyers will be able to slot their existing Sim card into it.

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone #2

And will be launched by exclusively by the Carphone Warehouse and T-Mobile in mid October time which Nokia hopes will be a big Christmas hit in the UK with parents who have become increasingly worried about their children using illegal music-sharing services.

The price of Nokia's 5800 Xpress handset includes a year's unlimited access to more than two millions (2m) tracks from the big four (e.g EMI, etc..) music companies and a handful of independent music labels.

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone #3

Although Nokia's 5800 Xpress has a fewer tracks than the more than 8 millions track available on Apple's iTunes, Nokia Comes With Music users are able to keep all the tracks they have downloaded after a year.

Even though the music will play only on the computer /Laptop /desktop PC to which they were downloaded or the Nokia phone.

Users or Consumers can still buy individual tracks after a year but users must buy a new Nokia Comes With Music device to get unlimited access.

Nokia N95 Mobile Phone #4




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