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iPhone Support Phone for Unlimited Downloads

Before you buy unlimited iphone download or iphone music downloads, below is all you need to know before you buy your iPhone.

iPhone Support Phone.

3G iPhone Price
£199 for 8 GB or £299 for 16 GB. Requires two-year O2 contract for E.U. customers. Unlimited downloads 3G monthly data plans for consumers costs £30, on top of monthly voice plans that start at £40.

Advantage of iPhone 3G
Faster and cheaper. Business-friendly. Access to third-party applications. GPS. Improved contacts search. Parental controls. Better sound. Still great browser, photo viewer and iPod. Visual voice mail.

Disadvantage of iPhone 3G
Slow network when 3G or Wi-Fi network are out of reach. Lacks video camera, voice calling, memory expansion slot, removable battery. Doesn't support Adobe Flash and some other Web video standards. Some older accessories won't charge device.

How Fast is 3G iPhone Download?
Below is the download speeds (in seconds), which shows the time it took to complete a 3g download from one spot in Northen New Jersey:

3G iPhone Download Speeds.
What is the difference between the iPhone and iPhone 3G?
Here are some great new features to the iPhone 3G:
  • iPhone 3G data speeds are faster. So watching You Tube and surfing the net will be an even better than before.

  • Ability to limit access to areas such as the Internet, iTunes, You Tube.
  • Flush headphone jack. This means you can place any headphones in to the new device without the need for an accessory.

    In addition, there are some software changes that will also be available on the new 3G iPhone and original iPhones (known as the 2.0 software), this offers.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) capability (plus "Where am I..." and "Find my nearest...") is a new feature.
  • E-mail management - mass move and delete.
  • Ability to transfer numbers to your device via a SIM.
  • Push email capability using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, allowing Business and Corporate customers to get their emails sent to their iPhone without having to do a thing.

    This is a great feature and means that customers will be able to receive their work emails and view a synchronised calendar and contacts on their iPhone without having to dial-up.

    Pay Monthly customers can still get their personal emails on iPhone 3G as before.
  • View email attachments (Powerpoint, Word, etc.) *Subject to the company’s IT infrastructure, permissions & policies.
  • Scientific calculator.
  • Contents search.
  • Additional languages.
  • Apple’s new Software Developer’s Kit, allows 3rd parties to create unique applications that work on iPhone, letting you look forward to even more consumer /business specific applications to play with.



You can get more detail information at:

  • Apple iTunes
  • - NOTE: If you do not yet have iTunes installed, your browser will be redirect to the iTunes download.

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