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Getting Contacts to iPhone Finger Tips

iPhone at a Glance

All contacts from old phone to iphone

Getting your contacts, music, videos, photos and calendars onto iPhone is simple. You do it all on your Mac or desktop PC/ laptop/ Notebook using iTunes.

  • Download iTunes - Download and install the latest version of iTunes from

  • Connect to your Computer - Connect iPhone to the USB port in your Mac or desktop PC/ laptop/ Notebook using the included cable.

  • Sync - and guides you through the next steps. Select what you’d like to sync in each of the tabs, then click Apply in the lowerright corner.

Turn iPhone On and Off

To turn iPhone 3g off and turn iphone on or to restart iPhone 3g, press and hold the On/Off button.

When iPhone is on, press once to put it in sleep mode. This turns off the screen and still allows iPhone to receive calls. To silence an incoming call, press once.

To send a call directly to voicemail, press twice.

Home Screen on iPhone

Press the Home button anytime to return to the Home screen iPhone. Even while you’re on a call, you can access your email, calendar or other applications, and even surf the web when you’re connected via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Double-click the Home button to go to phone Favorites. Double-click in sleep mode to bring up iPod controls.

iPhone Make a Call

iPhone make a call
Tap any number in Contacts, Favorites, an email or SMS text message, or almost anywhere in iPhone to make a call.

Or tap the Keypad button to dial manually.

iPhone Favorites List - Create your favorites list

How to create iPhone favorites list

To create a list of your favorite numbers, tap the iphone 3G Favorites button. Then tap the plus sign to add a new favorite from your Contacts.

Tap Edit to remove or rearrange favorites. Tap the blue arrow next to a name to see their full contact details.




You can get more detail information at:

  • Apple iTunes
  • - NOTE: If you do not yet have iTunes installed, your browser will be redirect to the iTunes download.

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