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Funding "Top 10 iPhone" Websites

You won't believe it but the most commonly asked question about this site is "How Do You Make Money Out Of It?" Why waste time and energy researching so many iPhone Downloads companies to give recommendations for nothing to the online public? Are you nut? Which company pay for your time?

Yet, this page you're reading right now, which is linked to from every other pages, is one of the site's least read. So THANK YOU for taking the time and trouble to come here and understand exactly how this site is financed.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: This site is Completely free to use and free from advertising

The most important thing to understand is that "" has no advertising and is completely free to use by online public. Anything that is on the site is here solely because it is our best recommendation, based on independent, detailed and specialised technical research. No one can pay to have anything put on this site. Sorry, no Google AdSense or any others either.

When the site first started, there was no revenue generation, but within a few months after it started, with so many i-phone downloads providers research, the running costs got beyond our small pocket. Now the site's finances are reasonable okay, but every cent made is without ever compromising our independent view and a small amount is donated to the charity, to a good cause each year.

Let's be honest, we started this site after being ripped-off by some illegal downloads companies.

Many "i-phone download companies try to screw us for profits. So, Top 10 iPhone Downloads Site shows you how to screw them back, by offering you a valued insight into many of today’s leading unlimited music downloads companies so that you can benefit.

So How does the Generate Revenue?

iPhone downloads sites are technically research by our experienced phone users purely from a "what's the best way for people to have value for money services?" stance, revenue generate is simply not considered.

Yet once technically research are finished one of the team has the job of seeing if an "Affiliate Link" to the service provider can be found, to replace the normal link. Affiliate links are links which generate revenue if they're clicked and service purchase. Now, you could be wondering...

Doesn't this compromise the site?

No way. The Top 10 iPhoneDownloads technical research are written, then totally separately, paid links are looked for. If no paying link is available, absolutely nothing in the detailed report changes. Nothing. Ever. If the best is the best and doesn't pay, it stays the best. The link used is simply a "Non-affiliated" i.e. Non-paying link. We found that almost 100% of the iPhone Downloads Companies now have an affiliate programs. Which is good from revenue generation stance, but hard to show our independent view point.

However, we like to think of it as Not-Profit-Driven as the key concern isn't making money, but simply the best ways to have value-for-money unlimited downloads services.

Where Do The Links Come From?

They come from services comparison sites like Find, Moneyextra, Moneysupermarket, Smartquotes, Uswitch or affiliate sites such as Amazon, TradeDoubler TD or Commission Junction CJ, DGM UK Affiliates, or directly from telephone companies. Their links are used and then if someone clicks through, this site gets a split of their revenue.

This is quite deliberate, we try to avoid going directly or building a relationship with unlimited iPhone Downloads themselves, so they don't try to exert any pressure.

Occasionally links are direct to comparison services themselves, e.g. websites for Kitchen Appliances or shopping. Again, this is only because within the research context they're the best way to have service value, not because they commission.

How Do We Know If A Link Makes Money?

There's only one way, by the fact it has a has a "t.cgi?" by it, otherwise you shouldn't notice any difference, except occasionally you'll go to one of the comparison services landing pages to get the service; yet the service itself (unless it's better) will be the same.

There is no legal requirement to put a "t.cgi?" by links, in fact lots of websites use affiliate links and try to hide them. However we believe it's important you know the score, also many Top 10 iPhone Downloads like to know they may be helping the site when clicking such a link.

In other words, if there's a link to the Carphone Warehouse company because it's the cheapest provider, if it has a "t.cgi?", you'll go through directly and this site may get some money. If it doesn't have a "t.cgi?", you'll go through directly and the site won't make money. That's the only difference.

Plus wherever there's a "t.cgi?" link, an unaffiliated version of the same link maybe included, so you can check there's no difference.

How Does The Payment Work?

It can be a payment per click, per user (or customer), per application, per accepted application, or any combination of them.

Does This Free To Use Free Of ADs Stance Make Any Difference?

Yes, and we believe it's one of the reasons this website's recommendations tend to be far more rewarding than any other site, and probably why it's become so popular!

It's also why this site isn't just about "finding the best iphone downloads service", but "finding the best iphone unlimited download services and using it in a way that works for you, not the service provider". As there are no corporate paymasters, everything that is recommendated is unbiased, objective and free of outside influence.

Does This Site Make Money?

Yes! The site is just about doing well. I wish we could boast we've been clever enough to consciously develop this as a business model. In fact the truth is the concept grew organically based on the ethical principles we wanted to fund the site.

Compared to the other money sites we've ever discussed it with, the revenue per user is massively lower, simply because this site has far fewer commission paid links and doesn't get as much per link. However, now we have all paid links, lets hope the luck will change.

Please tell your friends and family about this site. We really do appreciate it - Thank You.



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