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iPhone Downloads 3G FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Unlimite iPhone Download Detailed Questions & Answers
What is iPhone or iPhone 3G?


The iPhone or iPhone 3G is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It's an Internet enabled multimedia cellnet mobile phone which combines three products in one:-
  • a revolutionary smartphone - visual voicemail,
  • a built-in video iPod (or if you prefer a widescreen iPod), and
  • a breakthrough Internet device - the best mobile Web browser I've ever used.
It features 3G, built-in GPS, and the best e-mail, web browsing, and search ever on a mobile device. With its Multi-Touch interface, i-Phone 3G redefines what a mobile phone can do.

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How Do I Activate My iPhone 3G?    
You will be connected to your iPhone tariff when you purchase or upgrade to iPhone. You must then connect your iPhone to iTunes (downloading the latest version first). This authenticates the iPhone and SIM and then allows full use of your iPhone. If the iPhone is not connected to iTunes, it will not work. Simply follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are an existing O2 customer we recommend you use your existing SIM card ? please ensure it is a 3G SIM card.

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Can I Get Any Song That I Want From The iPhone Music Download Sites?    
No. The world of recorded music is so ENORMOUS that there are bound to be some tracks they don't stock. Keep coming back though because they're adding albums and songs to their music download library all the time.

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Do I Need To Sign-In To Browse The Unlimited Download Store?    
No, but you will have to Register before you can buy and starts your unlimited downloads. There are some amazing iphone downloads deals at affordable prices at the top 10 list

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Can I Transfer My Contacts Onto My iPhone 3G?    
Yes, the newest iPhone software available on iTunes gives the option of transferring contacts from your existing SIM card directly into the iPhone contacts list. You can also transfer contacts in the way described below:

Using a Mac
Move your mobile contacts into your Address Book, Entourage or Yahoo! Address Book on the web on your Mac. Using iSync and a Bluetooth connection or USB cable is one way to move contacts from your existing mobile phone over to your Mac. You may need to download an iSync plug in from your mobile handset manufacturer. A list of compatible devices and known plug ins is available on this page.

iPhone plug ins

Using a PC
Move your mobile contacts into Outlook or Outlook Express on your PC.

You can either type them into the applications or you can use the software and data cable provided with your current mobile phone to export them. If you have misplaced the PC suite CD-ROM, these are available for download or purchase from the manufacturer's website and data cables are available from iphone accessories top 10 list. When you have finished the activation process, your contacts will sync from your PC to your iPhone.

Additional information about synchronising contacts, photos and music is described below.

The simple way to keep everything in sync. Introducing UK Mobile Me. A new Internet service for your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

MobileMe is the Internet service from Apple that keeps your email, contacts, and calendar up to date across your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. You also get an elegant Gallery for sharing your photos with friends and family, iDisk for storing and sharing important documents online, and you can access and manage it all with a suite of desk-top-quality web applications.

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How Do I Find the Software Version Of My iPhone?    
To find the software version of your phone either, Synchronise your handset with iTunes and the Software version will appear on the "Summary" screen.

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How Do I Check or Change the Message Centre Number?    
The settings are preset within the handset and there is no physical way of changing them.

I have the volume set to maximum but I don't hear my iphone or iphone 3G ringing.

Check that you have not accidentally set the Ring/Silent switch to Silent.

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What is Airplane Mode and How Do I Switch It On/Off?    
Airplane mode enables you to switch off the phone part of the mobile. When in Airplane mode you can not make and receive calls, but you can continue using other parts of the phone like the camera, music player etc. To switch on/off.

1. Tap "Settings".
2. Tap on the "OFF/ON" button.

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How Do I Switch My iPhone Off?    
To turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off your iPhone. To turn iPhone on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the company logo appears.

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What Is The Difference In Appearance Between The Original iPhone And The iPhone 3G?    
The most notable cosmetic differences of the new iPhone from its predecessor will be the back and the edges.

The back of the iPhone 3G is plastic, as opposed to the metal backing of the original iPhone. Also, the top and bottom edges of the new iPhone are tapered. The side edges are slightly different as well.

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You can get more detail information at:

  • Apple iTunes
  • - NOTE: If you do not yet have iTunes installed, your browser will be redirect to the iTunes download.

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