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Amazon Video On Demand Finger Tips

Amazon Video Download
READ ALL ABOUT IT: Amazon Video On Demand: TV shows, Movies, international videos and more. Ready to watch and download?

MY OWN WORST ENEMY - Watch it Now FREE at Amazon video on demand. Also, Free: Stand-Up Comedy Hot Picks and many more...

Here is what you could be watching and downloading:
  • Free: See My Own Worst Enemy Before It's on TV - Christian Slater stars in My Own Worst Enemy.
  • Most Popular Fall Shows - TV Fans Are Watching ... What About You?
  • New TV Episodes - See Most Popular Fall TV Shows.
  • Scary Movie Sale: Horror Films and Thrillers Just 99 Cents - New Titles Added Every Week in a month.
  • Just In: New Movies To Rent
  • Celebrate Paul Newman's Legacy With Classic Performances - The Sting, Hud, Absence of Malice, etc..
  • Your Favorite TV Networks are Ready When You Are - Are you ready?
  • Explore the Best of the Sci Fi Channel
  • Catch the Key Plays of Every NFL Game
  • NBC Half-Price Episode Sale - New & Classic Shows at a Price You'll Like
  • TV Classics: '80s - See Movie Top Sellers.
  • Amazon Digital Video - Videos To Go. Download TV & Commercial Soundtracks

Introducing Amazon Video On Demand

Amazon is recently announce the availability of Amazon Video On Demand.

With Amazon Video On Demand, you can now instantly watch movies and television shows commercial-free on Desktop PCs /Laptop /Notebook/ or Macs. With this service, you have the ability to enjoy instant playback of hit Hollywood movies and the latest TV shows.

You can take advantage of this popular new Amazon movie and TV streaming service and watch all movies, TV seasons, and TV episodes such as The Office, House and Law and Order free of charge.

Hit movies and top TV episodes are among the most compelling videos to watch on the web.

To make it even easier for you to decide to rent or purchase a movie or TV show, the first two minutes of videos automatically play at no charge to you when you visit the product detail page.

At any time during this 2-minute viewing period, you can choose to purchase or rent the title to watch it in its entirety.

Roku Digital Video Player

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Amazon Video On Demand and its library of more than 40,000 movies and TV shows on the Roku Digital Video Player. This means for the first time in Amazon online's history, you can purchase a Roku Player for under $100 through website.

Roku Player.

The Roku player is one of the most compelling new ways for anybody to instantly watch their favorite movies and TV shows, at the most affordable ways. The Roku player works with virtually any TV, takes just minutes to set up and is also compatible with the Netflix Watch Instantly service.

With the Roku player and Amazon Video On Demand, YOU as a Roku Amazon customer can:
  • Watch new release movies, most on the same day they are available on DVD.
  • Catch up on the latest episodes of popular TV shows such as House and The Office.
  • Shop from Amazon's deep catalog of more than 40,000 videos without leaving the couch or paying a monthly subscription fee.

"Roku Review Advantages and DisAdvantages!"

Roku Digital Video Player.

Pros of Roku Player and Individual Roku Reviews
  • If you're a rent-by-mail convert, switching between Blockbuster and Netflix. this box will store hundreds of hours of tv shows and movies, filling in the wait times between Disks.

    You can now relax and watch the Netflix instant rotation big films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, pop hits like Superbad, the original "Grindhouse" double feature package, as well as lots of older and more obscure releases for adventurous cineastes like me, with NO extra charge to a regular Netflix membership.

    The addition of Amazon stream video will soon followed by the Netflix addition of HBO-on-demand service soon.

  • There is Roku Forum, View forum - Roku Digital Video Player General Discussion - a user forum that provides FAQ (frequently asked questions) by Roku's QA folks at

  • Huge Money Saver - Having this box has allowed me to drop from 3 disks unlimited to 1 disk unlimited as well as drop cable entirely. The addition of Amazon on Demand is an even bigger value in that newly released movies will also be in abundant supply.

  • Easy Setup - As a die hard apple fan because of their ease of use, and the setup process was the easiest you'll ever experienced. In less than 4 minutes you will be watching a Netflix stream on your HD TV. Also, a straightforward user interface. A lot of thought went into it, and it shows.

  • Clarity Pictures - Unsurpassed and almost full HD. Often forget we are streaming over the internet.

  • Roku Worth It and works as advertised!

  • Roku Customer Service - Video was skipping and contacted the customer service. You would never believe that a real live person answered the phone within 5 minutes on a Saturday night. Turns out it was a local nework problem. Amazing customer service!

Roku Complaints and Roku Problems Reviews - Roku Quality Issues
  • The Quality of Service (QoS) of your Picture is tied to your Internet speed. This is in no way an issue with the device, just something to be aware of. Check with your Internet Service Provider ISP on your speed before buying.

  • With the exception of occasional problems at the Netflix Servers, and rare errors in Netflix Video Encodes (for example, they sometimes accidentally put the director's commentary tracks onto a video instead of the theatrical soundtrack. But, they've tightened up the quality control recently in this respect.

  • Poor Roku customer service - sometimes it looks as if the reps (netflix support) is reading from a script as a result of using an off shore call center.

  • Call support and ask for someone that speaks fluent English and does not read from a script. Also, had to use the email and explain to them the problem.

  • Direct Ethernet connection highly recommended for best picture. This is a limitation of the wireless network, but you may also have a similar setup. Some laptop has a G wireless card, and when it gets online the whole network slows down, and wireless video quality suffered.

    Solved this problem by using a direct ethernet connection, and recommend for everyone who is able to. Much more stable and very limited intereference.
That is our Roku review to date. If you have Netflix and want to get Amazon on Demand there are few things that will be a pleasure to use and that will provide as much bang for your limited Pounds or Euros or Dollars. Weldone Roku, Netflix and Amazon for such a wonderful product.




You can get more detail information at:

  • Apple iTunes
  • - NOTE: If you do not yet have iTunes installed, your browser will be redirect to the iTunes download.

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