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Amazon Kindle 2 UK - United Kingdom Kindle Store DX Reader Review

Amazon's Kindle in UK - Must-have Christmas Gadget?
READ ALL ABOUT IT: Amazon's Kindle ebook reader to launch in UK. Since November 2007, the e-book kindle reader has been confined to United States US and now is going on sale in more than 100 countries around the world.

Jeff Bezos Kindle unveiled the European Kindle 2 DX
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos kindle has unveiled the European Kindle DX.

The global kindle Reader version will run on the 3G Network, and O2, Orange, carphoneware House, Vodafone, Phones4U could provide connectivity for the devices.

The Kindle store or kindle europe or kindle eu wil offer well-over 200,000 English language titles.

A huge number of publishers are signed up including Penguin, Hachette, Atlantic, Bloomsbury, Canongate, Faber and Wiley, and HarperCollins. Electronic book reader (e-reader) Kindle also carry more than 85 US and international newspapers and magazines, who enjoy reading English-language books.

Kindle enables readers to think of a book and download it in less than 60 seconds. Hopefully, amazon kindle uk ebook reader will kickstart digital book sales in Europe as the publishing industry is experiencing explosive growth in digital book sales in the USA.

The look and feel of the kindle device will be the same as the US version with the exception of network access. The international version of Kindle, unlike the US one, also does not support WiFi though it does support 3G connectivity. In other words, if you want to get your hands on the Kindle, better apply to your mobile operator for a 3G connection.

Here is what Kindle in Europe gives:

  • 0.36 inches thick with 6in e-ink display
  • 2GB of internal memory
  • QWERTY keyboard to add notes to text
  • Battery life "weeks on a single charge"
  • USB synching for people out of coverage area

Kindle in Europe

Since Amazon has decided to make downloads available via the 3G network. This means that people wishing to download a book outside of a 3G coverage area will have to transfer content over USB.

The Kindle DX (currently available only in the US), allows its e-reader aimed at reading magazines, newspapers and documents. Kindle 2 is thinner, slightly lighter and has a longer battery life than the original version that went on sale in November 2007.

The Kindle DX focuses on a slightly different segment compared to the Kindle 2 due to its bigger 9.7-inch screen and its much higher retail price when it was launched back in May 2009.

The DX came with its fair share of criticisms when it was launched from USA and from a bunch of students to whom samples were provided earlier this year. Some students complained about the unease of learning from an ebook reader, while pointing out "the Kindle was painfully slow and took a lot of effect to operate.

Some students specifically complained about their inability to underline text, make margin notes etc with Kindle, things which they typically do when they learn from paper text books and said that Kindle was unable to give them the learning experience which they derived from traditional text books. Not all students though were critical of the kindle ebook reader with some appreciating its capacity to carry a lot of information; thus saving them the hassle of carrying heavy text books and notes.

Amazon Kindle UK has been put a safeguard in place to respect territorial rights of publishers. When a customer first buys Kindle content, they identify their region or country.

In order to simplify their browsing experience, Kindle uk then display the appropriate catalogue for the customer.

When they travel, the content available to a customer is determined by their home country, not by the country they are travelling in.

An undergrounde tube Kindle 2 reader
An undergrounde tube Kindle 2 reader.

Although British customers will have to order Kindle from the United States online website for the time being. Even though the gadget would eventually be sold through the company's British outlet online site.

In the future, Amazon UK plan to introduce a UK-centric Kindle experience, enabling you to purchase Kindle and Kindle books in sterling from site.

The Kindle offers readers the chance to carry up to 1,500 books simultaneously, reading them on a 6-inch electronic ink screen and using the built-in wireless access - now compatible with Europe's 3G networks - to browse catalogues and download books without plugging in to a computer.

Here in UK, the Kindle has also provided a new avenue for a number of British newspapers, with the Times, Telegraph and the Daily Mail - although not the Guardian - offering subscriptions to read digitally.

Kindle e-Book Reader

But although the Kindle has been widely regarded as a success - lifting the category of electronic books out of the doldrums and sparking fresh interest in the medium - its progress has not been entirely smooth.

Amazon Kindle Uk will have its work cut out though, as the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX will be going up against popular e-readers such as Sony’s Reader and the iPhone’s Stanza.

Nonetheless, the Kindle series remains the world’s most popular standalone e-reader, and a function allowing owners to use Wi-Fi or 3G to download daily periodicals would certainly give it an advantage over other products currently available on the UK market.




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