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Best iPhone Unlimited Downloads 3G Sites Review

Not Sure Whether to Buy iPhone at Apple Store or O2 stores or Orange Store or Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse Stores?

New iPhone Downloads Solutions

O2 Flash Sale

Here is the O2 flash sales running throughout August and September

1. Samsung Galaxy S2 free at £27, 300 mins, unlimited text & 500MB data, O2 slimmest smartphone 8.49mm, 8 MP camera with Flash, Android (Gingerbread) 2.3 OS, 4.3" Super AMOLED + screen and many more. Click here to visit the O2 Online site. Note that the Offer valid 18th-23rd August 2011.

2. Blackbery 9900 launch - an introductory price free at £32, 300 mins, unlimited text & 500MB data, Full QWERTY keyboard, High res touchscreen, 40% faster web browsing, BlackBerry 7 operating system, New BBM6 integrated messaging and many more. Click here to visit the O2 Online site. Offer valid 18th-23rd August 2011.

3. Blackberry Torch 9800 free - Introdory price of £16.50, 50 mins, 250 text & 500MB data and many more. Click here to visit the O2 Online site. Offer valid 18th-23rd August 2011.

4. iPhone 4 16GB FREE - Introdory price of at £37, 600mins, unlimited texts & 500MB data and many more. Click here to visit the O2 Online site. Offer valid 26th-29th August 2011.

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The top iPhone Download sites on the Internet and its Service Offerings...

Phone Download Hub Site


- 10 Million Gigs of downloads
- 56 day, full 100% guarantee
1st Place iPhone Download Site
1st Place iPhone Downloads
    Phone Download Hub Highlights:
  • The best iPhone, iPod, Zune, PSP and more, download website we have come across - massive selection of games, and very fast signup process (it took this reviewer less than 10 minutes to join and download our first file).

  • Unlimited download with no download fees, 24/7 access to high quality music, games, movies, TV shows, Ringtones and software. Had the largest selection of free, downloadable iPhone content we found on the net and comes with a video Converter and a DVD to iPhone and DVD copy/backup software & easy to use.

  • Quick online customer support and tutorials with user manuals too - my support ticket was responded to in under an hour (although it may take a little longer at weekends). Other features includes free DVD transfer Software. 24/7 hours technical support is provided. Unconditional guarantee.

  • Our number one choice because of unlimited access to a massive selection of downloadable media - and a very quick and painless sign-up process.
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Phone Download Center Site


- 9 Million Gigs of downloads
- 56 day, full 100% guarantee
2nd Place iPhone Download Site
2nd Place iPhone Downloads
    Phone Download Center Highlights:
  • Another great site - over 10 million gigabytes of music, TV shows, games, software, DVD quality films and Music Videos for your Notebook/ Laptop/ Desktop PC & all MP3 players including iPhone on the internet with over Millions regularly updated movies for members. Again, 24/7 access to unlimited downloads.

  • Very little in it between this and iPhone Hub. Once again, all files are 100% compatiable with iPhones (and even Apple TV, and the new video iPods).

  • Very easy to join - took less than 30 minutes to start downloading content, and step-by-step tutorials and customer-support are to hand if need be.

  • As a nice bonus, you receive their free iPhone Video Converter and DVD to iPhone Software upon joining - arguably worth more than the sign-up fee on its own.

  • Great selection, very easy to get started and fully money-back guarantee. Definitely worth a look.
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Cell Phone Magic Site


- 9 Million Gigs of downloads
- 56 day, full 100% guarantee
3rd Place iPhone Download Site
3rd Place iPhone Downloads
    CellPhone Magic Highlights:
  • Another impressive selection - a little over 95 million files as of July. As you are probably starting to see, all three of these sites offer exceptional amounts of content. All three offer a full, unconditional 56 day guarantee.

  • And so why does cell-phone iPhone Magic get a star less than the other two? Simple - the sign-up process was a little slower, and I was slightly less impressed with the member's area.

  • Still, a full, 100% guarantee, the huge selection of files and full support make this a winner. Just behind our first two choices but well ahead of the others we reviewed.

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3rd Place iPhone Download Site
3rd Place iPhone Downloads
    JohnQ TV Highlights:

Johnq TV gives you the ability to turn your Personal Computer PC or Laptop into an Internet TV.

Johnq is a Paid Membership program which provides members with unlimited access to non-premium content on JohnQ, and 120 pre-paid minutes of premium video on demand content per month.

Premium video on demand content includes all adult movie titles in JohnQ After Hours. As a paid member, any unused pre-paid minutes provided under the membership program in a given month will be roll-over to the next month.

Over 3 million (3,000,000) movies, TV show and videos for men. Premium access to over 75 thousand (75,000+) plus adult content movies on demand. Watch films on your Laptop, notebook, desktop PCor TV Fast streams for DVD quality video.

And "Yes!" Johnq do offer FREE Trails. Meaning from time to time, JohnQ will provide free trial offers consist of a period of time during which you can use JohnQ premium services for free.

Please pay careful attention to the terms of a free trial offer when signing-up. Most free trial offers on JohnQ require a valid credit card and associated billing information to ensure the validity of new accounts during the sign-up process.

If you Ever Want to Cancel a free trial, or cancel any paid membership programs on JohnQ, you call the Customer Service Representatives using Johnq toll-free number. Or if you prefer you can use Email to contact them.

At JohnQ, Customer Satisfaction is their Top Priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase and would like to request a refund, just contact them.

Once you sign-up to Johnq membership program, then you can begin to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Play Any Video File - Play virtually any type of video file - Apple Quicktime, Microsoft WMV, MPEG, AVI, XVID, and more. Browse your collection, make playlists, stay organized.

  • More High Definition HD Than Anyone - Your computer TV is a high-definition display. JohnQ TV gives you access to more HD content than any other video players. Sit back and watch gorgeous HD video fullscreen.

  • Thousands of Channels - Subscribe to any RSS feed, Podcast or Video Blog. Explore and subscribe to over 2,500 free channels with the built-in JohnQ TV Guide. New channels added daily.

  • Save YouTube Videos - Download and save video files from YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, and more. You can even save a search term and automatically get new videos as they are posted.

  • BitTorrent Made Easy - Download any Bit Torrent download file, fast. Then watch that video in the same application. It's the easiest way to use BitTorrent.

  • Burn to CD or DVD - Burn your videos to DVDs or transfer to iPods, PSPs, or cellphones or iPhone.

    Make copies of almost any video including YouTube and Google videos.

    Auto creation of chapters for easy viewing. No technical expertise required.

  • Sync With iPod, PSP or iPhone - Catch up with your favourite videos while on the go! Convert your downloaded video to iPod or PSP format with a click.

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Where to Buy iPhone 3G and iPhone Accessories
The iPhone Review, The iPhone 3G Review and Apple iPhone Download Review

Buy 3G iPhone at O2 Shop O2 is the exclusive mobile network for iPhone handsets in the UK after beating off competition from rivals such as Vodafone.

The handsets went on sale simultaneously at around 1,300 branches of Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse. iPhone 3G is also available at hundreds of O2 locations across the UK.

Which means there’s probably one near you. To get your hand on Apple’s mobile phone and iPod, O2 insists you take out contract (from FREE, depending on O2 contract) and activation requires signing up for an expensive 18-month service plan with O2, the UK’s largest mobile service provider.

Apple iPhone 3g Specifications

  • 3.5in touchscreen.
  • Touch-sensitive 480 x 320-pixel screen at 160ppi.
  • 16GB/8GB storage.
  • GSM: Quad band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900).
  • Wireless data: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g - free via The Cloud, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0
  • 2.0Mp camera.
  • Battery: up to 5 hours Talk/Video/Browsing.
  • Up to 16 Hours Audio Playback.
  • Size 115x61x11.6mm
  • Weight 135g
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Buy 3G iPhone at Carphone Warehouse Buy Apply iPhone 3G. The New iPhone you've been waiting for with 3G! at The Carphone Warehouse. Free on selected tariffs. The Carphone Warehouse is one of the UK’s leading independent mobile phone specialists. The Car Phone Warehouse has iPhone 3G on 8GB and 16GB! Get it free on Contracts!

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3G iPhone Solutions

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Looking for the Right Accessory iPhone Users Like? Have a Quick Look at iPhone Accessories.
  • iPhone headphones
  • Speakerscases
  • SkinsBluetooth
  • Headsetsbooks
  • Leather case,
  • iO Play iphone iPod music and car kit including Bluetooth Adaptor
  • Leather slip pouch
  • Music bundle pack
  • Crystal case
  • Essential bundle pack
  • Black Silicone case
  • In car bundle pack
  • Screen protector
  • Griffin wave white,
  • and many many more, etc...
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Buy iPhone accessories at The experience of iPhone varies a lot from User to user. Most people Love iPhone and like to show off with their friends and families because the few limitations of the previous iphone version have now been overcome in the new iPhone 3G (or Apple's iPhone Price cut version). Lowering the price of the most popular iPhone model.

The third generation of iPhones – which can be used as telephones, music players and internet browsers launched by Apple a few months ago, which Apple has also created a special site, known as the App Store, for iPhone owners & iPod Touch devices owners to download programs on to their new gadgets.

Among the more useful programs available for iphone download are a phone version of Google Maps, and a personal organiser called Remember the Milk. The more frivolous applications include the iPint, created by Carling, which allows users to drink a virtual pint of lager.

Apple also embedded within the iPhone hardware/firmware a link to a file called Unauthorized Apps or malicious iPhone apps that appears to point to an application blacklist - potentially allowing Apple to retroactively remove applications it decides no longer fit the bill.

And it does not matter if the Unauthorized Apps has been paid for and installed on your iPhone, they can still wipe it of your device.

If Apple can do this, then that means Apple can delve into our iPhone which should be for our eyes only not theirs.

Many will say that this is breach of our private secrecy and that we may all argue that the blacklisting feature is not in the best interest of iPhone users, some may say it is a good thing because it will stop damaging malware and of course deadly viruses hidden in some applications.

Such a database of blacklisted applications would be cool if all iPhones were regularly connecting to it and comparing the list to their installed applications, though what action the handset would take if it found a match is unknown.

So even if your iPhones aren't calling home today, they surely will in the future. And once Apple deems an application to be malicious then the icon could simply vanish from your iphone interface as though it had never been.

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Buy Apple iPod touch 8 or 16 GB at The iPhone is currently being sold exclusively through AT&T and Apple in United States of America USA, O2 in United Kingdom UK, and T-Mobile in Germany, but check out the latest multimedia phones and smart phones sold at

iPhone Gifts - Apple's iPod Touch 8GB or 16 GB With Software Upgrade:

  • (Not the iPhone) Includes - Earphones, Dock Adapter/Connector, USB cable, Polishing cloth & Stand
  • 8GB of Storage (with up to 1,750 songs)
  • 3.5 Widescreen Multi-Touch Display
  • Battery Life - up to 22 hours of Music / up to 5 hours of Video
  • New Applications - Email, Maps, and widgets for weather and many more..
  • Usually Ships within 24 hours
Click here to Buy Apple iPod touch 8GB or 16 GB or 32GB at

Buy Apple iphone Alternative at Apple iphone Alternative - Latest Mobile Handsets From T-Mobile. All ready when you are: Music, chat, TV, internet, text plus five free tracks and a free phone.

The iPhone employs a web browser called Safari, which is built on freely available software. Many webpages, however, employ small software programs like Flash and Java to display graphics and animations.

Those programs are proprietary software, and Apple opted not to enable them on the iPhone. The result is that pages viewed with Safari may look different to those same pages viewed on other browsers.

Apple said the Safari web browser on the iPhone was built to open internet standards and supported languages such as CSS, JavaScript and Ajaz, but not proprietary languages such as Flash or Java.

Because the iPhone doesn't support Flash or Java, you couldn't really see the internet in its full glory.

As Flash and Java technology were not open source, so Apple iPhone could not ensure compatibility with "every third-party technology in the marketplace".

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iPhone in Business and Enterprise Environments

There are lack of information for end users of the iPhone and all of the new features available for both first-generation iPhones and the iPhone 3G. Also, lack of information for the business and enterprise environments IT support team who need to plan how to purchase, deploy, manage, and support the iPhone.

For this reasons, one of the major focus Apple under taken of the iPhone 2.0 and the iPhone 3G update for first-generation iPhones was responding to the business needs of the enterprise environments.

Since iPhone was already a hit with consumers, Apple takes the opportunity to announced a series of business improvements when it's recent released the iPhone, focusing around some key areas:
  • Remote wiping of confidential business data from a lost or stolen phone.
  • Digital certificate management.
  • Automatic configuration using configuration profiles.
  • Expanded VPN support.
  • Support for Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Support for enterprise-grade authentication technologies for wireless networks.
  • Opening the platform for application development. Business Users who want solid business applications from developers and those companies interested in creating their own in-house applications.
The many features that make the iPhone a unique platform for users and developers right now also make it a unique platform to implement and support from a business or IT perspective, whether for a small business with only a handful of employees or a major enterprise.

Click here to see our top 10 lists and Where to Buy iPhone 3G and iPhone Accessories!

iPhone a Serious Business Device?

The apple iPhone appearance of nothing lookslike a serious business device but more like a consumer media player is that it must be activated using iTunes.

From a consumer point of view, particularly as a product that was developed out of the iPod/iTunes solutions, this approach makes a great deal of sense. After all, one of the big features of the iPhone for consumers is the syncing digital music and video.

This approach presents challenges for businesses as ideally, you don't want large numbers of workers having free access to iTunes on their workstation or desktop PC or Laptop or Notebook computers.

This will reduce productivity, with temptations of pirated media products such as songs or other media purchased by a user being stored on company hardware, and potential network traffic from features like the iTunes Store and podcast directory or the sharing of iTunes libraries across the network.

Knowing that Apple doesn't make it easy for users to re-download purchased music if they're lost due to hard drive failures or other problems.

The good news for business is that iTunes is required to activate an iphone, but really isn't needed for day to day use.

Part of the in-store activation process for consumers is an example of a computer and iTunes not being directly required to use an iPhone.

This means that iphone support staff can manage the activation and distribution of iPhones centrally, much as they can with other smart phones.

In many cases, this will mean that the iphone support staff in charge of rolling out and eventually supporting the phones will be the only ones that require iTunes.

Alternatively, the company can request activation of the iPhones from the carrier during purchase (much as consumers receive in-store activation).

The practicality of this choice may vary depending on the number of iPhones being purchased. It also doesn't address the issue of restoring iPhones in response to iphone 3g problems, or installing update manager iphone firmware from Apple processes that also require iTunes.

So, ideally, you'll need to create some mechanism for centrally dealing with iTunes for any company iPhones, whether as part of the initial rollout or as an ongoing support solution.

Allowing iTunes For iPhone Users

There are some advantages for businesses to allowing iTunes for users. Without iTunes, users will be able to make use of most iPhone features such as Exchange/E-mail, Web Browsing and Applications, but they won't be able to Sync data, including web browser books or calendar and contact data in environments that don't include an Exchange server.

Also, the sync process backs up data and settings on an iPhone, which can be helpful should the phone needs to be replaced.

If a business allow iTunes, they'll probably want to have a staff member walk through the initial activation and sync with users. And limit access to specific iTunes features, which can be done using Apple's managed preferences architecture under Mac OS X or by appropriate keys in the Windows registry on PCs.

Although not a perfect solution, but reduce some of the concerns about using iTunes. For a best iphone itunes apps business solution, would be for Apple to release a business-oriented version of iTunes that provides iPhone sync capabilities but doesn't allow access to consumer-oriented features.

Click here to see our top 10 lists and Where to Buy iPhone 3G and iPhone Accessories!

iPhone Applications

Applications for the iPhone represent one of the device's best features for both business users and consumers.

With over 1000 iPhone applications available from the App Store within two weeks of its launch, the iPhone has moved from smart phone to mobile computing platform in a big way.

For many business environments, the ability to install applications for tracking sales, managing projects, developing outlines, and so forth will be a major feature.

For others, the ability to create custom in-house applications using Apple's iPhone SDK that access existing databases and other technology resources will be a powerful function

Both these capabilities present interesting challenges to companies looking at the iPhone as a mobile device either because of the time required to build and test in-house applications.

Or because of the logistical challenges of maintaining software inventory on company-owned iPhones.

While the subject of developing and distributing in-house applications is too broad to cover here, Apple has provided a solid set of developer tools.

For proof, you need only look at some of the third-party apps out there. Apple also has provided options for companies to distribute in-house applications outside of the App Store.

Since all iPhone applications must be digitally signed, in-house applications rely on a combination of techniques for enterprise deployment.

First, you must register your company with Apple and sign your applications with a provided certificate.

Then you need to create a second type of profile called a provisioning profile, using the iPhone Configuration Utility.

Provisioning profiles authorize iPhones and iTunes to install and run applications signed with your Apple-provided certificate.

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iPhone Configuration Utility Profiles

In the iPhone 2.0 firmware, Apple introduced the concept of configuration profilesXML property list files which are generated using the iPhone Configuration Utility, a free download that can be installed as a web-based tool (Windows or Mac OS X), or as a standalone application (Mac OS X only).

The stand alone application offers options for distributing in-house iPhone apps and building libraries of configuration profiles as well as company owned iPhones, for which it can be used to view log files when the phones are connected to the Mac on which it runs.

Configuration files are relatively easy to create using either variation of the tool. You can create one complete profile, or specify settings in different smaller profiles.

An iPhone will support configuration using multiple profiles, which can make planning management much simpler because you can specify some profiles to be used by all iPhones and be granular with other profiles that define settings appropriate to only one or two users.

This concepts can be helpful when you need to update only specific settings. Profiles shouldn't be thought of as security policies.

They exist only to configure certain core functions, such as installing security certificates, configuring access to company WiFi networks, or configuring the iPhone to access a mail or Exchange server.

They don't support limiting access to any of the iPhone's features (the only exception being requiring a complex passcode for the phone).

Unlike security policies, which are always enforced, profiles must be installed by iPhone users and can be deleted at any time using the iPhone's Settings application.

This capability makes them effective in easing the setup process, but doesn't ensure that the profiles will be used, or that their updates will be applied by users.

To distribute and install configuration profiles, you can send them to users as an email attachment or host them on a web server, navigating to the file using the mobile version of Safari on the iPhone.

If hosting on a server other than Mac OS X Server 10.5.3 and later, you'll need to add a MIME setting for the .mobileconfig extension with the application/x-apple-aspen-config file type.

When a profile is loaded by the iPhone, details about the profile are displayed, and the user has the option to install the profile (or not).

Once installed, the profile's settings are used as appropriate until the profile is replaced by an updated version or deleted using the Settings application.

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iPhone Configuration Profile Options

The iPhone configuration profile options that can be configured in a configuration profile fall into the following tabs:

  • Advanced. Allows configuration of access point name (APN) options for connecting to carrier networks.

    Any configurations made on this tab should be done only if required and in concert with your carrier.

  • Credentials. Used to install certificates on the iPhone. This can be crucial for a number of features, including signing of additional profiles, configuration of IPSec VPN, and access to email/Exchange servers that are protected using SSL, if you'll be working with self-signed certificates. The iPhone supports both PKCS #1 and PKCS #12 certificates.

  • Email. Used to configure IMAP/POP and SMTP email account access. Setup is largely similar to that of any email client.

    Options are available for both SSL security and SMTP authentication.
  • Exchange. Configures access to an Exchange server. Username should be specified in the form of domain\username.

    This may not be required in all environments, but is the suggested format. SSL is available for security.

  • General. Includes information about the name of the profile, a unique identifier for each profile (used by an iPhone to identify updated versions of profiles) in the format of; the organization name (optional); a description (optional); and the option to sign the profile digitally, using a security certificate.

    This option allows the iPhone to verify that it's a legitimate profile if the same certificate is reinstalled in the iPhone, or if a line of trust using root certificates on the iPhone has been established.

    The web version of the iPhone Configuration Utility also includes buttons to import existing profiles for editing, export files for storage and web hosting, or to email profiles to users on this tab (features provided by a toolbar in the application version of the tool).

  • Passcode. Allows you to require a passcode to unlock the iPhone and to establish complexity requirements and related policies:

    allow simple values with repeated characters, require both letters and numbers, set a minimum length, require special characters, set a maximum passcode age, set an inactivity interval that locks the phone automatically,

    or set a number of failed attempts after which iTunes will be required to reauthorize use of the phone.

    This number can be up to 11 times; if more than 6 failed attempts occur, there will be an increasing time delay between allowing further attempts.

  • VPN. Used to configure the iPhone's integrated VPN client for secure remote access, either connecting using WiFi or a carrier's 3G/EDGE network.

    The iPhone supports L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec (Cisco) VPN protocols and supports authentication using passwords or RSA SecurIDs.

    When used with L2TP and PPTP, you can also indicate whether all network traffic should be directed through the VPN connection or only traffic with destinations within the remote network.

    IPSec supports both the use of shared secrets and certificates for securing authentication.

    When specifying VPN, email, or Exchange settings in a profile, you can opt to provide user-specific information such as usernames and email addresses as part of a profile,

    Or just provide server-related information and allow user-specific details to be entered on the device, which is a much more streamlined approach.

  • WiFi. Allows you to preconfigure settings for one or more WiFi networks, including specifying a network name (SSID), whether the network is hidden, and the security methods allowed for wireless authentication.

    A full range of authentication options is supported, including WEP and WPA/WPA2, all of which offer support for enterprise authentication protocols (including TLS, LEAP TTLS, PEAP, and EAP-FAST), as well as the use of per-connection passwords and certificates for secure connections.
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The 3G iPhone Power & The 3G iPhone Battery

The Apple iPhone 3G Technology Specifications claim battery life of up to five hours of talk time - 10 hours if you turn off 3G networking, five hours of internet use - six on Wi-Fi, seven hours of video playback, 24 hours of audio playback, and 300 hours of standby time.

Battery testing takes time. Those phone specs are basically the same as the ones Apple UK claimed for the original iPhone. However, Apple Uk come to these figures under testing conditions that may not necessarily reflect our own use

If you use the iPhone heavily - which is a lot easier these days that there are so many slickdeals new applications that take advantage of the iPhone's computing power and internet connectivity - you'll drain the battery pretty fast.

Nine Times Savers on Mobile iPod & iPhone Power and Battery

Take it from a many months ipod and iphone experience users:
  • Charge your iPhone at home and at work.
  • And if you're someone who spends a lot of time in the car, get a car charger too.
  • Heavy iPhone users won't be able to go a full day on one charge without some serious power management and restraint in using the iPhone apps.
  • The iPhone 3G will only accept a charge via the 5V connection that's a part of the USB power specification.
  • The previous iPhone and previous iPod models allowed upto 18 volts when charging via the FireWire specification.
  • An existing charger may not be compatible - even if it doesn't have a visible FireWire plug anywhere.
  • You may only have to buy an adaptor, not an entirely new charger.
  • The iPhone 3G comes only with a USB charging cable and AC adaptor, not a dock.
  • To place your iPhone 3G upright in a dock, you'll need to buy the Apple iPhone 3G Dock.
Click here to see our top 10 lists and Where to Buy iPhone 3G and iPhone Accessories!

The Pros Advantages of Apple iPhone 3G

  • iPhone isn't perfect, but it's matches most of the hype.
  • The iphone is so sleek and thin, it makes BlackBerrys & Treos looks less-fashionable.
  • A stunning 3.5-inch multi-touch screen display and an innovative multitouch user interface.
  • Superb widescreen iPod and clever cover flow feature.
  • Beautiful hardware &bright high-resolution screen.
  • An Elegant touchscreen interface.
  • A superb Web surfing experience due to Safari browser option.
  • An easy-to-use Apps.
  • As an iPod, it shines.
  • An impressive Email, Internet, Maps, Web and Phone features.
  • Smart sensors that change the orientation of the screen from landscape to portrait mode.
  • Built-in iPod functionality.
  • A 3G chipset that enables it to use fast mobile data networks when available.
  • Wi-Fi networking.
  • An Innovative design.
  • The iPhone is revolutionary, you can show off with it.
  • Flicking through contacts and pictures, pinching to make pix and the Web larger, & tapping on the intelligent virtual keyboard is fun (once you get the hang of it).
  • It’s fast, beautiful, menu-free, and dead simple to operate.
  • Phone is easy to dial despite lack of physical keypad. Visual voicemail.
Click here to see our top 10 lists and Where to Buy iPhone 3G and iPhone Accessories!

The Cons Disadvantages of Apple iPhone 3G
or Problems with iphone 3g

  • Expensive and overpriced.
  • No third-party non-Web apps (like Word)
  • Browser can’t display Flash content.
  • SMS text-messaging tool supports but not iChat.
  • No support for text selection, Copy, Cut and paste.
  • Lacks some basic features found in many cell phones such as stereo Bluetooth support and 3G compatibility.
  • A short or crap battery life.
  • A camera worthy of being on the first-gen Motorola RAZR.
  • Inline headphone jack incompatible with many 3rd third-party headphones.
  • Only supports slower Edge cellular data network.
  • Integrated memory is stingy for an iPod.
  • You have to sync the iPhone to manage music content.
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